Ten Ls Legacys Eye Of The Tiger

Tigger Man

AMHA parent qualified / AMHR (1/2 Shetland)

Bay pinto with splash

Homozygous black, Homozygous agouti

Carries one SW1 gene and one Tobiano pinto gene.

Foal date: 5/5/2015

Height: 32"

Sire: Ten Ls Tigers Legacy - AMHA/AMHR/Shetland

2005 AMHR National Top Ten (4th) Aged Stallion,3 & Older,Over 32-34,Under

Dam: Windemeres Morning Star Lace

I saw this colt at 6 days old and fell in love. He is awesome. Not only does he have great conformation, his color is amazing AND he is extremely smart a willing to please!!

Tigger Man carries the D2 ACAN dwarf gene and will be used for breeding with a select few of our ACAN negative mares. The selection of nice refined mares will be very important and will also select homozygous pinto mares, which would  guarantee a bay pinto foal, one of my favorites.

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