** Sold **
This page contains some of the wonderful horses we have sold over the years


TVS Aces Aces Apollo  - Sold

Silver Black Appaloosa with blanket

Foaled: 6/26/2015

AMHR eligible

Estimated mature height 33" - 34"

Sire: Iles Apache Appy Ace

Dam: Hillview's Lil Buttercup

This colt's color is very unique and his conformation is very nice!!! We own both his dam and sire and they can be see on the stallion and mare pages.

TVS Aces Mystical Super Nova / Sold


Foaled: 7/20/2015

Height: 32.0 (last measured 6/17/2017)

AMHA parent qualified



Sire: Iles Apache Appy Ace (click name to go to sire's page)

DamSkadden Valleys Mystical Shadow

Nova is being offered for you consideration. He could be your next farm sire or he would make an awesome gelding.

Nova has a great temperament and easy to work with. He is currently stalled and pastured with one of our best geldings and does well with others.

Click HERE for Nova's VERY NICE pedigree.

TVS Drops of Jupiter -  Sold

Bay Pintaloosa

Foaled: 5/6/2015

AMHA/AMHR eligible

Height: 26.25 (measured at 15 1/2 weeks)

Sire: Iles Apache Appy Ace

Dam: Bella Vistas Im So Stupid

Oh what a special boy. Could ask for a more beautiful pintaloosa colt!!

Click HERE to go to his personal page

Click HERE to go to his pedigree

SOLD - TVS Aces Blue Diamond Scout “Blue” 

Black Pintaloosa

Foaled: 6/21/2013

Height: 33.5" (measured 7/31/2015)

AMHA (Progeny / Parent Qualified)



Sire: Iles Apache Appy Ace (click name to go to sire's page)

Dam: MWRS Lil Smokie (click name to go to dam's page)

That is an amazing price for such a beautiful boy. He is going to be on the taller 'A' height size and would make a wonderful cart prospect.

Click HERE to link to Blue's personal page

Click HERE to link to Blue's pedigree

TVS Night Trains Dusty Starr Buck 'Mouse'  Sold



Foaled: 1/20/2013

Expected height: approximate 32 - 33 inches


Sire: COH BTS Black Night Train

Dam: LK Vanilla Starr

Click HERE for Mouse's pedigree

TVS Hot Deposits Double Cash Back 'Sold' 


Foaled: 2/9/2013

Height: 30.25 (measured 7/31/2015)

AMHA parent qualified / AMHR

Sire: Olive Branchs Hot Deposit

Dam: Shadybook Easter Lilly


Offered for your consideration is TVS Hot Deposits Double Cash Back, foaled 2/9/2013. AMHA / AMHR. Cash is very handsome sooty buckskin with gorgeous big eyes, nice head and neck, very good bite, and nice top line! His pedigree is full of champions, including Alvadars Double Destiny.

Click HERE for Cash's pedigree

TVS Sergeant Jet in Charge  SOLD


Foaled: 5/9/2012




Sire: Realitys Mister Jet – 31.5"

Dam: Marlins Charlies Princess – 32.0"

Grand Sire: Realitys Grand Presence by Bucky


Charger is a crystal blue-eyed color tested double dilute colt. He has very nice refined conformation and beautiful movement.  

Click HERE to view Charger's pedigree

Thunder Valleys April Sunshine ‘April’ - SOLD



Height: 30.5" (measured 7/23/2014)

Foaled: 4/6/2013


Sire: Olive Branchs Hot Deposit

Dam: Two Eagles Cheyenne Autumn

This little filly has the most beautiful head, long neck, beautiful top line and very nice straight legs. She also has the perfect personality to become your show mare. Very responsive, without being a pocket pony.

Click HERE to view Aprils pedigree

Miss April is moving to New Jersey and will enter the show world next year. Thank you Robin Meirs and family for providing this beautiful horse a wonderful future.


TVS Thunder Hawks Yankee Secret SOLD


Foaled: 5/16/2012


Height: 30.5" (measured 7/23/2014)

Sire: Reeces Thunder Hawk

1997 Weanling Stallions Over 28” to 30” AMHA National Champion

Dam: Lucky Four Spotz Suchastar


We are very excited to own a direct son of Reeces Thunder Hawk. This little colt is maturing wonderfully with incredible conformation and movement. I hope that we will have Yankee in the show rings in 2015.

Click HERE to view Yankee's individual page

Click HERE to view Yankee's pedigree


Realitys Full Of Presence 'Sold'


Foaled: 4/17/2009

Height: 32.0



Sire: Realitys Grand Presence By Bucky

Dam: Realitys Little Freckles

Grandsire: Bar B King Buckeroo

Click here for Spirit's pedigree

Thank you Bob and Nancy Chadwick of Ohio for realizing Spirits potential.  He is a wonderful stallion. I can't wait to see how he does next hear in the show world and see the beautiful foals he will someday provide for you.