MWR'S Lil Smokie

"Lil Smokie"


Foaled: 5/8/2008

Height: 32.25


Sire: Iona Farms Good Luck

Dam: Meyers Dixie Star

MWR’s Lil Smokie is a beautiful refined minimally marked Tobiano pinto. We are unsure of her actual color but expect she carries the silver gene. Lil Smokie has had two beautiful foals out of Iles Apache Appy Ace, our few spot stallion. Her first foal is a black colt with a beautiful blanket and a black pintaloosa colt. 

Lil Smokie is an incredible mom. She adopted a three-month-old colt that we rescued. The colt was not on the farm more than an hour before she had insisted to be placed in the side pasture with the little guy. We were very surprised and very pleased.  

Lil Smokie has a very nice pedigree that goes back to L&D Scout and Little Kings.

Click HERE to view Lil Smokie’s pedigree

ALS Apache Warrior Foaled 7/20/2011

TVS Ace's Blue Diamond Scout  Foaled 6/21/2013