The Mares of Thunder Valley Stables

Maple Hollows Montes Shadow Dancer
Black Appaloosa
Height: 37.5
Sire: Bissel Mounds Monte Carlo (HOF)
Dam: Hobbit Hills She's All That

LOVE this mare. She has so much personality along with great conformation and MOVEMENT!!!!!
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Libertys Sugar Lady
AMHA / AMHR (Hardshipped)
Foal date: 3/6/2010
Color: Buckskin pinto (Gray)
Height: 33.0

Sire: Little Kings Buckeroo Zodiac
Dam: Meltons Sugar On Top

Sugar Lady is a gorgeous mare, wonderful dam and throws even nicer foals than herself.

Skadden Valleys Mystical Shadow



Foaled: 4/19/2009

Height: 33.5



Sire: D B Lil Shadow Man

Dam: Little Kings BW Bahama Baby

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DRK Sheez Classy In Black


Foaled: 5/14/2008

Height: 29.25"



Sire: Magic Mans Top Ticket - 27.25"

Dam: Dent Chiricahua Carisa - 31"

Grandsire: LTDs Magic Man 

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Hillview's Little Buttercup


Foaled: 5/26/2004

Height: 35"




Sire: Soats Lil God Dust 32.50 Light Dun 

Dam: E.L.S. Golden Zest 33.50 Palomino

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Bended Knee Little Scribbles

Foaled: 06/14/2007


Height: 33

Sire: Bended Knee Black Obsidian

Dam: Sunnyside Dots Fantastic

Grand sire is our awesome Brewers Orion Image!!

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Shadybook Azalea

Foaled: 9/23/2008


Height: 34"

Sire: Arions Zipit

Dam: Shadybook Easter Lilly

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MWR’S Lil Smokie


Foaled: 5/8/2008


Sire: Iona Farms Good Luck

Dam: Meyers Dixie Star

MWR’s Lil Smokie is a beautiful refined minimally marked Tobiano pinto. The only areas that display pinto markings are at the top of her tail and above her hooves. She is a very gentle mare and loves to tend to the foals in the pasture. Any of the foals. We have found that this is a really special trait, but can also be a bit tricky when the foals are first introduced. She would claim them all as her own if the other mares would let her.


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 LK Vanilla Starr


Foaled: 1/25/2006

Height: 34"



Sire: McSperitts Rambo Ritz – Red Dun 33"

Dam: Barts Tiny Vanilla- Cremello 34"

Grandsire: McSperitts Bay Rum Rambo 1993 Amateur Gelding Reserve National Champion 




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Quail Creeks Maserati


Foaled: 5/20/2003

Height: 31.5



Sire: Quail Creeks Street Legal

Dam: NFCS Egyptian Kings Nile Queen

Grandsire: Hemlock Brooks Egyptian Kings

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Ten Ls Blythe Spirit


Foaled: 3/27/2002

Height: 31.5


Sire: Ten L Echos Captive Spirit

1998 AMHA Senior Stallions 28" and under, Second Place

Dam: French Broads Bambi Dear


Blythe is a silver bay and one of our favorite mares. She has a beautiful head and wonderful conformation. Her temperament is what we are looking for in our breeding herd. She is very easy to work with and super smart. Can’t say enough about this mare!!


Blythe us provided us with 2014 bay colt, 2017 bay appaloosa filly and has been bred to Black Legacy for a 2018 foal.

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McMillins Fancy Dancer


Foaled: 6/8/2000

Sire: Kay Ritz Patch Jr

Dam: Nuggets of Oak Ridge

Fancy is a beautiful homozygous black mare out of McMillins breeding. We cut back on our breeding after purchasing Fancy, but hope to breed her for a 2017 foal.

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Two Eagles Cheyenne Autumn


Foaled: 8/23/1997

Height: 32.5

Sire: Hobby Horse Hill Moon Shadow

Dam: Krystals Regina

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