LK Vanilla Starr

LK Vanilla Starr


Foaled: 1/25/2006

Height: 34"



Sire: McSperitts Rambo Ritz – Red Dun 33"

Dam: Barts Tiny Vanilla- Cremello 34"

Grandsire: McSperitts Bay Rum Rambo 1993 Amateur Gelding Reserve National Champion 

Starr is a beautiful palomino mare with an incredible dorsal stripe. We suspect she may carry the Dun gene, but have not taken the time to test her just yet. She has a beautiful head, big doe eyes, very nice conformation, and very nice movement. She has provided us with a beautiful buckskin pinto, who we lovingly call "Mouse".


Starr managed to open Grosshill Kings Foolish Pleasure’s pasture gate (sneaky girl) and may be bred for a late 2015 foal. 


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