The Foals of Thunder Valley Stables

2015 Foals

TVS Aces Aces Apollo  - Sold

Silver Black Appaloosa with blanket

Foaled: 6/26/2015

AMHR eligible

Estimated mature height 33" - 34"

Sire: Iles Apache Appy Ace

Dam: Hillview's Lil Buttercup

This colt's color is very unique and his conformation is very nice!!! We own both his dam and sire and they can be see on the stallion and mare pages. 


TVS Watch Me Razzle Dazzle (Sold)


Foaled: 5/30/2014

Measured 29.25” - 5/26/2015

Sire: Iles Apache Appy Ace

Dam: Wolf Farm Starspangled Independence


Click HERE to view Dazzles’s pedigree

TVS Hot Deposits Double Cash Back - Sold


Foaled: 2/9/2013



Sire: Olive Branchs Hot Deposit

Dam: Shadybrook Easter Lilly

Click HERE to view Cash's pedigree

TVS Aces Blue Diamond Scout “Blue” SOLD

Black Pintaloosa

Foaled: 6/21/2013

AMHA (Progeny / Parent Qualified)


Height: 32.5 (measured 7/23/2014)


Sire: Iles Apache Appy Ace

Dam: MWRS Lil Smokie


Blue was a big surprise when he was foaled. We were not aware that his dam was hiding the Tobiano pinto gene, so when he was foaled as a beautiful black pintaloosa with one blue eye, we were shocked.

Although our we would love to keep this wonderful colt, he is being offered for sale.

Click HERE to link to Blue's pedigree

TVS Night Trains Dusty Starr Buck ‘Mouse’  SOLD

Foaled: 1/20/2013


Expected height: 32 - 33 inches

Sire: COH BTS Black Night Train

Dam: LK Vanilla Starr 

Click HERE for Mouse's dams page

Mouse has been sold. Thank you Amanda and family for providing this beautiful boy a great home.

TVS Thunder Hawks Yankee Secret  SOLD


Foaled: 5/16/2012



Sire: Reeces Thunder Hawk

1997 Weanling Stallions Over 28” to 30” AMHA National Champion

Dam: Lucky Four Spotz Suchastar


We are very excited to own a direct son of Reeces Thunder Hawk. This little colt is maturing wonderfully with incredible conformation and movement. I hope that we will have Yankee in the show rings in 2015.

Click HERE to view Yankee's pedigree.

Thunder Valleys April Sunshine ‘April’ - SOLD




Foaled: 4/6/2013


Sire: Olive Branchs Hot Deposit

Dam: Two Eagles Cheyenne Autumn


Click HERE to view Aprils pedigree


Our beautiful April has relocated to New Jersey. Thank you Robin Meirs and family for seeing this beautiful fillies potential and providing her with an excellent future.

TVS Sergeant Jet in ChargSOLD


Foaled: 5/9/2012




Sire: Realitys Mister Jet – 31.5"

Dam: Marlins Charlies Princess – 32.0"

Grand Sire: Realitys Grand Presence by Bucky


Charger is a crystal blue-eyed color tested double dilute colt. He has very nice refined conformation and beautiful movement.  

Click HERE to view Charger's pedigree

TVS Rowdy Thundering Maestro (SOLD)



Foaled: 7/28/2013

Sire: CFM Rowdy Thunderstorm

Dam: Hannas Girl


Maestro is black pinto with paw prints, like his sire. He has a very active personality and is a joy to watch. His cannon bone measured 6.5 inches when he was two days old, so I suspect he is going to be very small and under 29 inches. 

Maestro’s pedigree contains a of who’s who of well-known stallions and mares including, Bond, Rowdy, Egyptian King bloodlines.

Click HERE for Maestro's pedigree

TVS Rowdy Checkers N Red (SOLD)


Foaled: 4/24/2013



Sire: CFM Rowdy Thunderstorm

Dam: Bella Vista’s I’m So Stupid


Checkers is a beautiful chestnut pinto with beautiful conformation, very nice temperament, and he is very smart!! We were hoping for tri-colored pinto from this breeding cross, but could not be any more pleased with this wonderful colt.


Click HERE to view Checker's pedigree