DRK Sheez Classy In Black

DRK Sheez Classy In Black


Foaled: 5/14/2008

Height: 29.25"

AMHA: A191609

AMHR: 296091A


Sire: Magic Mans Top Ticket - 27.25"

Dam: Dent Chiricahua Carisa - 31"

Grandsire: LTDs Magic Man 

Although we chose each of our mares for specific reasons, Classy is one of my favorites and I had to have her the moment I saw her . She has a beautiful head, perfect conformation and you could not ask for better disposition and temperament. She is your perfect mare.

Classy is a beautiful jet-black mare bred by DRK Miniature Horses. I feel very privileged to have her on the farm. She keeps me company each day as I attend to the chores. She is out in the day with the mares and is stalled next to Brewers Orion Image at night to keep him calm. Easy, happy, beautiful little mare.

We hope to have a foal from Image and Classy sometime in the future.

Young Classy
Young Classy
Classy and her dam

Sire: Magic Mans Top Ticket - Overo

Dam: Dent Chiricahua Carisa - Tobiano