Carlsens Catch My Breath


Foaled: 5/31/2014

Height: 33.00

Palomino pinto

AMHA parent qualified / AMHR

Sire: Little Kings White Russian

White Russian produced some amazing foals during his lifetime. Utah is his last foal and we feel privileged to own one of his foals.

Dam: Bended Knee Little Scribbles
We currently own Scribbles, who's pedigree goes back to Brewers Orion Image, who is still with us at the of 30 years young!!

One of our favorite lines is Orion Light Van Huttenest, which led us to the purchase of Bended Knee Little Scribbles. Catch was a weanling at her side and after about 2 months of watching him mature we decided he may be perfect to add to our stallions, so we included him in our purchase. (A great decision) He was a scrawny colt for about 3 years until he finally matured and has turned into a gorgeous stallion.

Utah has produced, without our knowledge until DNA testing was completed (sneaky boy) a gorgeous smoky black pinto colt who was purchased the day he was foaled.