Brewers Orion Image



Foaled: 4/29/1989

Height: 32"

AMHA: A30286

AMHR: 41539A


Sire: Orion Light Van Huttenest - 31" 

Dam: Quick Bird Van Huttenest - 28.5"

Image is an amazing stallion. He is the direct son of Orion Light Van Huttenest, one the most amazing miniature horses stallion every known. We feel very privileged to own this stallion.

Image's age is unknown in this pictures, but he sure is a beautiful boy. Look at the neck, top line and tail set.


Thank you Darkstar Farms for the opportunity to own Image. He is a very special little stallion with a very big heart.



Image at 26 years old. Still a very handsome and energetic stallion.
Enjoying a nice summer day.