The Stallions of Thunder Valley Stables

Senior Stallions

Porterfields Falabella CoverboyKiss


Black pintaloosa


Foaled: 2/9/2012

Height: 31.25

Sire: Toyland Tamboro

Dam: S Starr Seven Falabella Diegos Kiss

We are expecting Kisses first foals in 2017. One will be a full Falabella and one a blend. See the 2017 Foal page for additional information.

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Grosshill Kings Foolish Pleasure


Foaled: 3/16/1997

Height: 31.5


Direct son of:

Sire: Hemlock Brooks Egyptian King

  • 1983 AMHA Grand Champion Senior Stallions over 30" to 32"
  • 1983 AMHA Reserve National Champion Senior Stallions
  • 1986 AMHA Senior Stallion National Grand Champion

Dam: Grosshills With Pleasure

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Iles Apache Appy Ace



Foaled: 5/22/1996

Height: 33.5"

Sire: Dell Teras Eagle

Dam: Jandts Mini Mist

Fewspot fewspot

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Brewers Orion Image


Foaled: 4/29/1989

Height: 32"


Direct son of:

Sire: Orion Light Van Huttenest - 31" 

Dam: Quick Bird Van Huttenest - 28.5"

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Reference Stallions

Realitys Full Of Presence (Sold)


Foaled: 4/17/2009

Height: 32.0


Sire: Realitys Grand Presence By Bucky

Dam: Realitys Little Freckles

Grandsire: Bar B King Buckeroo

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