Welcome to Thunder Valley Stables


Thunder Valley Stables is a small miniature horse farm located northwest of Columbus, OH. We purchased our first miniature horses in February of 2011 and fell in love. In the last few years, we have acquired horses with incredible color, disposition, and conformation. Our goal is to breed a few foals a year and produce show quality AMHA / AMHR / Falabella miniatures.

One of our primary stallions is Brewers Orion Image, a direct son of Orion Light Van Huttenest. He is an amazing stallion and we feel very privileged to have him on our farm. Although he is now 27 years old, we are hoping to have a few of his foals in 2016.


Our breeding program includes Orion, Egyptian King, Rowdy and Iles bloodlines. We are interested in breeding both appaloosa and pinto bloodlines. Our biggest challenge is enjoying all color patterns; appaloosa, pinto, and solids.


The care of our horses is our first priority and each horse is on a strict worming program, along with immunization, dental, and farrier schedules.


If you have any questions, please go to our Contact Us page to obtain our phone and email information. We love talking horses, so please do not hesitate to give us a call.


Rob and Belinda Harter


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